Friday, 11 June 2010

National Cake Scheme...

If you take an uninitiated friend with you to visit yellow book gardens, overeating of cake is certain. We visited 5 gardens in our area last sunday and oh dear, we had tea 4 times! It would have been 5 times, however one garden hadn't bothered to lay on anything except some warm, watered down, vile squash which had to be fetched by the visitors from a gloomy shed.
Ah, but the cakes on offer elsewhere were truly magnificent. Carrot, chocolate brownie, strawberry and cream sponge, lemon drizzle, refrigerator cake, scones with jam and cream! In case you are wondering we shared them, but this didn't lessen the rather regretful sick feeling which ensued all the way home. Unfortunately I didn't take photos of these gorgeous delights but shot the plants instead.

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